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Pieces from the May Salon

Results of the Annual General Meeting

This was an election year and Richard Pikul as Past President chaired the elections.
•For President, noting it will be her third term, Colleen Samila was re-acclaimed by a round of applause •For Secretary, Juanita Baril was nominated by Richard Pikul, seconded by Anthony de Boer.    There being no other nominations, she was acclaimed.
•For Treasurer, Jack Gelber was re-acclaimed by show of hands.
•For Vice President, Trinela Cane was re-acclaimed by show of hands.

Non-elected positions were mentioned:
• Richard Pikul as Site Manager would like a helper.
•Refreshments: Franco and Robert are continuing.
Video: Brian is continuing.


 Next General Meeting:Thursday, October 12th, 2017

Featuring George Burt creating Vessels

Next Skills Night meeting:
September 28th

This will be the annual sharpening night so bring that tool you are having difficulty sharpening and find out how to deal with it

Send ideas for this or any future skills night to:  Richard

Click on "Techniques" for all skills night projects

Looking to buy a drill press



For Sale:Canwood Mini Lathe

used almost exclusively for pens and other small projects

2017 Salon Results

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Society of Canadian Woodworkers

Web site for the SCW Here
Web site includes a chat forum.


Wig Stands

Ongoing project. Plans  (here)  Make one or a dozen. . .