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Excerpt from Bob Rolling's Woodturner's Psalm
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 Next General Meeting:Thursday, December 14th, 2017

Christmas Party

   Featuring the ever-popular Spin Top Contest (see rules below)

Next Skills Night meeting:
November 23nd

Send ideas for this or any future skills night to:  Richard

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Rules for the Spin Top Contest

    December 14th general meeting

1. Contest open to all WGO members.
2. Spin top must be made entirely of wood (one or multiple pieces).
No other material is to be included in any form.
Finish may be none, oil, varnish, dye, ink or paint.
3. Top must be made from domestic Canadian tree species.
4. Spinning by fingers or palms only, no string pull or other mechanism allowed.
5. Maximum sizes:
Diameter: 2.5 inches (63.5mm)
Height: 3 inches (76mm)
6. Spin time measurement:
Time will start when contestants hand(s) let go of the top.
Time will end when any part of the top's edge touches the arena.
7. Contestants have three chances to start the top.
If the third try is unsuccessful, contestant must 'go to the end of the line' before another try can be taken.
8. Multiple spins with the same tops are allowed, one successful spin per turn.
Make lots of tops, compare performance and pick the best one(s) for the contest.

If there are any questions regarding the rules, please contact: or phone: 416 266 5265

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