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Bob Rolling's winning Elipse
Salon 2017/2018

Membership Fee Increase

For the first time in more than 10 years the WGO will be increasing the yearly fee to $60.00 this year.
This is still a very good deal given the quality of the monthly demonstrators, the monthly skills nights, the special demonstrators at Humber and, of course, the other amazing turners that share their creations and knowledge!

 Next General Meeting:
September, 2018

First meeting of the new season

Next Skills Night meeting:September 2018

This will be our annual sharpening night so bring the tool you have difficulty in sharpening and learn how to get it sharp

Send ideas for this or any future skills night to:  Richard

Click on "Techniques" for all skills night projects

WGO is now on Instagram

Our Instragram page is woodturnersguildofontario with a hashtag the same. Send pictures to be posted to

Bob Rollings Lathe Psalm

Jan. 18, 2018

Turning Blanks for Sale


Society of Canadian Woodworkers

Web site for the SCW Here
Web site includes a chat forum.


Wig Stands

Ongoing project. Plans  (here)  Make one or a dozen. . .