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for the advancement and promotion of the craft of woodturning

Sept. 28th will be our annual Skills Night Sharpening session

Richard has made a drawing of a Gouge Stick Out Gaugea that he will be using in Thursday's demo
Bring, any or all of the following:

- If possible, bring your grinder and any grinding jigs you have, hope to have some experienced turners to help with your setup and how to sharpen your tools.
- Bring the one (or two) tool(s) that you have the most difficulty sharpening properly.
- Bring some carbide tools! Will include how to effectively use these if brought in.

- Description of different types of grinders and sharpening systems.
- How to setup a standard grinder.
- How to use different jigs for gouges and skew chisels.| - Sharpening instruction for;| spindle roughing gouge, bowl gouge, spindle gouge, parting tool(s), skew chisel, scrapers (including negative rake scrapers).
- How to effectively use each of the tools that are sharpened in the demo.

Please note that safety rules will be rigorously enforced:
  • Safety glasses (at minimum) must be worn for small spindle turning
  • Full face shield must be worn for larger pieces or cross grain turning
  • All jewellery must be removed
  • Loose long sleeves must be tied off or rolled up
  • Tool rests may not be moved or adjusted while lathe is running
  • No sanding during skills night turning sessions

President's Message

Good afternoon my friends, I hope you all are having a wonderful summer experience whether you travel near or far or have many staycations in the area as we are. I think we have had a good amount of rain so far and I can say this because my golf game has been rained out 3 times so far. ( I normally play in late afternoon, unfortunately).

Are you accumulating wood that has been drying out over the winter yet? I have a couple of friends with chain saws who needed to do some clearing near their cottage last fall and have been increasing my stock even though I'm not sure yet what I am going to do with it. There have been several AAW sessions that I have been told about; have any of you participated?

Have you been preparing for some projects that you read about in books you borrowed from the library? I have taken an interest in small boxes but have not produced any as yet. I do intend to bring them to the meeting in September.

The team and I are looking forward to welcoming you all back soon including those who were unable or uncomfortable about the covid risk. What I hear from doctors as recent as this morning is that we should feel comfortable getting together now. The risk they compared to be similar to the common flu. I hope you all have avoided any significant incidents and have been getting out as much as comfortable.

Again, Hope to see All of you in the Fall with a smile and please let us know if there are any projects or skills you would like to see covered.

Take care, stay safe and make lots of chips.
Jack Gelber

September 14th was the 1st meeting of the new season

Wyatt Walkem discussed and demonstrated turning/working with Burled wood


Burl before


and after

Who is Wyatt?

Wyatt graduated from Sheridan college Furniture craft and design program in 2014,
He opened up his own custom furniture and woodturning studio shortly after.
Wyatt has been a professional turner and demonstrator/ instructor since 2014, selling his work privately through commissions, art galleries, as well retail outlets.
In 2015 Wyatt acted as a studio assistant for Warren Carpenters turning class at the Arrowmont craft school in Tennessee.
Wyatt's turned work primarily consists of live edge bowls focusing on showcasing the grain of the wood, he also does custom traditional and specialized spindle turning.

turningtool.co.uk now hosted by WGO.ca

The Woodturner's Workshop
Brian Clifford's woodturning resources

This site was built by Brian Clifford over many years and features many articles, plans and videos that are of interest to novice and advanced woodturners alike. Brian has decided to retire and was going to allow the site to lapse; however, the WGO has agreed to host it on his behalf to ensure this great resource continues to be available. Please have browse and enjoy it here